MIG’s mission is to advance appropriate legislation, regulation and implementation of Colorado’s licensing and regulatory program.  We believe in safe access to clean product for Colorado’s patients, residents, and visitors.  Colorado’s program has become the example for all other regulated cannabis states, and MIG works directly with policy makers to ensure that Colorado’s program is fair, tightly regulated, safe, and successful.  MIG also hosts events and fundraisers to build bridges among our members, prospective members and other partners of the industry.  We are also working to build strong relationships with our neighbors in the areas where we live and work.


Our Consulting Teams

We are privileged to retain a team of professionals who work on our behalf for the fair and safe regulation of the marijuana industry at both the state and local levels.

LOCAL: DJC & Associates (DJCA)

DJCA is government and community relations firm with over 35 years of experience working with both private and public sector clients.  DJCA is well versed in local and corporate project planning and strategy, as well as government and community relations.

DJCA make positive changes for clients by developing public/private sector relationships and by remaining active in the communities in which they operate.  With a focus on community involvement, and many years of experience and a diverse clientele, including small and large minority-owned businesses, online drugstores; DJCA brings a vast understanding of corporate dealings and public relations to the table among elected officials and city agency staff in Denver metro, along the Front Range and in other areas of the State of Colorado.

Fabby R. Hillyard

Managing Director

Fabby R. Hillyard is Managing Director and leads the team at DJCA.  She has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors.  Fabby has worked on numerous Denver events with a National and International focus including:  The Summit of the Eight; World Youth Day; and the Inaugural Biennial of the Americas.  She also serves on the Boards of LoDo District, (Chair), The Colorado Humanities Board; and the Colorado Historic Foundation.  She has consulted for various municipalities including Downtown Castle Rock and the Town of Breckenridge. She served as the Director of Arts Culture and Film and Theatres and Arenas for the City of Denver overseeing the expansion of the Colorado Convention Center, the renovation of the Quigg Newton Auditorium Theatre and the first major upgrade to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in over 50 years.

Denis Berckefeldt

President/Owner of Prairie Fire Communications

Denis Berckefeldt is President/Owner of Prairie Fire Communications. Denis is a Communications, Government and Public Relations and strategic planning professional.  Berckefeldt most recently was Director of Communications, Government Relations and Strategic Planning for Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher.  Previously he was Chief of Staff for the Senate Majority Leader of the Colorado Senate.  He possess vast experience in the development of public policy ‘white papers’; communications including press releases and the production of printed and multi-media/video informational materials.  He has managed political campaigns and provided media consulting for a variety of candidates, campaigns and other entities. He is also the author of the 1997 “Guide to Political Campaigns in Colorado.”

STATE:  Gold Dome Access

Kara Miller

Kara Miller is the founding organizer and Government Affairs Director of the Marijuana Industry Group.  Known as a shrewd negotiator and talented coalition builder, Kara has been instrumental in crafting marijuana regulation, both medical and recreational, representing Colorado’s cannabis industry leaders since 2010.  She is the sole owner and manager of Gold Dome Access, a government affairs management and lobbying firm.  Before establishing Gold Dome Access, Kara served as the legislative liaison for the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment and the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration under former Governor’s Bill Ritter and Bill Owens.  A native of Colorado and graduate of Colorado State University, she began her political career working for the Colorado House of Representatives in the Special Services section. After her time working for the General Assembly, Kara served as an “in-house” lobbyist for multiple non-profit organizations and also worked as a contract campaign fundraiser for CRL Associates.  In 2011 she served as a member of Mayor Michael Hancock’s transition team for the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses.  Kara brings brings more than 15 years of government and political consulting with a proven record of results.

STATE: Capitol Focus LLC

Landon Gates

Landon Gates is a partner in Capitol Focus LLC. Before starting Capitol Focus, Landon worked for Colorado Farm Bureau, serving as the Director of Public Policy for Regulatory and National Affairs. A native from Yuma, Colorado, Landon graduated from Colorado State University in 2002 with a Bachelors degree in Animal Science. Landon began his political career with the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, and has experience in local, state and national politics. Landon has worked several ballot initiative campaigns and worked as a legislative aide for Denver City Council before joining Farm Bureau. Landon has broad experience in lobbying on legislation at the national and state level as well as working on regulatory issues. Landon is currently living in Denver and in 2007 was selected to serve on the Governor’s Pollution Prevention Advisory Board, serving as Chair from 2011 to 2013. In 2011, Landon was appointed Co-Chair of Mayor Michael Hancock’s transition team for Denver’s Department of Environmental Health. Landon currently serves as a member of the Colorado Agricultural Leadership Program Board of Directors.

Brock Herzberg

Brock Herzberg is a partner in Capitol Focus LLC. Before starting Capitol Focus Brock worked as a full-time employee of the Western Dairy Association, serving as the Executive Director of the Colorado Dairy Political Action Trust / Political Action Committee. A native from Akron, Colorado, Brock graduated from Colorado State University in 2000 with a Bachelors degree in Speech Communications with a minor in Political Science. Brock received his Masters degree in Communications from Colorado State University in 2002. Brock began his political career working in Washington, D.C. in the office of Senator Wayne Allard. After leaving Washington, Brock worked for the Colorado Farm Bureau and the Virginia Farm Bureau before his time with the Western Dairy Association. Brock has extensive knowledge of political issues and has successfully lobbied at the local, state and national levels. In 2011, Brock served as a member of Mayor Michael Hancock’s transition team for the Denver Department of Environmental Health. Brock has also served on the Board of Directors for Advocacy Denver, a non-profit organization providing an active voice and supporting civil rights for people with disabilities.

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