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Why Join MIG?

Information: Marijuana Industry Group’s members receive the most current and important information, especially with regard to lawmaking, rule-making, and compliance.


Access: Marijuana Industry Group’s members receive access to MIG’s members, staff, consultants, and key decision-makers.


 Protection: Our staff and consultants are here to help you stay in business.


 Influence: Marijuana Industry Group’s strategic direction is formulated by its members.  Our members and consultants work directly with key decision-makers to promote and protect the industry.


 Comradery: Members and consultants work together, share ideas, and support each other in this unique and often difficult environment.


 Requirements for Membership


All members must (1) believe in the protection and promotion of the Colorado regulatory framework, and (2) sign our Code of Ethics, which requires that members stay in unambiguous compliance with state and local law.

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