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Marijuana Industry Group

The Medical Marijuana Industry Group was founded in 2010 to help create Colorado’s medical marijuana regulatory framework. When licensed and regulated marijuana sales became legal on January 1st, we became the Marijuana Industry Group. In this role, we support and represent both the medical and recreational marijuana industry. We are a marijuana trade association representing 30 owners, and nearly 200 state marijuana licenses across Colorado in both the recreational and medical markets.

After 45 years of the war on marijuana and over a trillion spent, marijuana remains universally available, particularly in our schools. Just like with alcohol prohibition, marijuana sales have been dominated by those who use violence without restraint in order to control the illegal market. The goal of Marijuana Industry Group is to provide a safe, accountable, and transparent alternative to the black market. Through licensing, regulation, and taxation, communities are able enhance public safety, revenue, and civil liberties.

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Marijuana Industry Group

The Marijuana Industry Group continues to partner with state and local agencies to ensure that Colorado has a comprehensive, sensible, and robust regulatory framework. We will also continue our efforts to educate the public about responsible cannabis use.

−Mike Elliott

The Marijuana Industry Group has a dedicated leadership and lobbying team that works at the local, state, and federal level. Our mission is to protect and enhance Colorado’s licensing and regulatory program. We work directly with policy makers to ensure that Colorado’s program is fair, safe, and successful. We also hold events and fundraisers to bring the industry together.