Membership has its benefits.


Advisory members represent the most respected, business-focused and compliance-driven echelon of the licensed cannabis businesses, because they care about the sustainability of the cannabis model in Colorado and beyond.  Advisory members have real-time access to industry news, information, and updates, and the opportunity to work directly with our consulting team at both inside and outside of Advisory Member meetings.  In addition, MIG offers workgroups for members to participate at a more in-depth level to dissect and engage with critical issues. Some topics of work groups have included pesticides, METRC and local issues.


Board Members demonstrate leadership in the cannabis industry, as contemplated by a jury of their peers. They are business owners who lead in innovation and dedication to the ongoing success of a safe and regulated cannabis business economy, and are limited to a small, but exemplary group of MIG’s membership.  In addition to having all the access of Advisory Members, there are additional board responsibilities, including monthly meetings, board retreats, and more. Board Members also participate in strategy, staffing representation and financial activities of the organization as well as help chart the key priorities for MIG.

All of our members sign and adhere to a strict code of ethics indicating they are in clear and unambiguous compliance with local and state laws governing businesses and the cultivation and sale of medical and recreational marijuana, infused products, and concentrates.

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